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instantly search home, at the beginning of October and early November. Compared to



header original search words disappear (pictures from @ four new greenhouse) Sina

Meng Hong

Sohu’s Sogou soso, a subsidiary of Tencent, is not the only year of business combination search engine. Only with the "private" rival two search "integration team" make no reply — and in the process, immediately set up more than three years of search (the original search), looks like is disappearing.

regular access to instant search (, may not be the habit of most people. If you visit the people’s Daily’s search engine, unfamiliar people will inevitably be surprised.

this page has four products: news, web pages (default), pictures, maps.

first, web search has been Xinhua panguso over. In any keyword click on the search button, the next page clearly shows that the results returned from panguso. Secondly, the product map is the same fate, only immediate search page map of the two words, will immediately jump to the Pangu search map.


the rest of the news, product page updates stopped in October 22nd; image search can continue to use, and instantly search home page to recommend "beauty" image search, the search results provided by the scale is very bold.

however, for those who are familiar with the immediate search, it is far more than these changes. An instant search of the old staff said that the current page looks too clean. "Historical archive shows, compared with October 8th instantly search home, instantly search home now has changed dramatically, a total of about 16 different.

in addition to the above points, including the immediate search page has been pushing, as a special "exposure", "food safety", "medicine" and "video" and several other search products have all been shut down. For example, the exposure of the product, in February this year, the official launch, the instant search had wanted to build an Internet rights complaints channels.

has had an immediate search of the staff mentioned, the background of the immediate search is suitable for the implementation of exposure products, and suggests that the instant search through these products to form their own characteristics.

home products and links disappear include immediate cloud hosting, immediately open API, immediate promotion, Webmaster Center, mobile website, welcome, comments about our people’s search statement. You are not wrong, even the "about us" link to this page has disappeared, the snapshot can glimpse the glory that was:


" is a key project of the international communication capacity building identified by the central government

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