How do make a website from hundreds to tens of thousands of P

      recently the group friends often ask me to do stand experience, every time about repeating the same topic, in fact, do not stand what do stand experience, and life, honest man, honest do stand, this is my most profound experience! So I want to ask what cheating what SEO optimization, I utterly ignorant of, feel shy drop! The IP10W on the sense of accomplishment I haven’t experienced (of course is my pursuit of Oh, I have been actively optimistic), let alone what day the knife, peers do not laugh, I was a rookie, below only write some of my personal experience ~ ~ ~ ~ I in May last year started the station, really later, but was caught in the wake of the dotcom bubble recession, when I have no.

      say capital, less than a year of graduation, eating and renting are a problem! The only point is that I know some technology, such as web design, image design, etc.. Well, do not stop doing two stop. What do a promotion theme is also not considered, with Dreamweaver began to do the site navigation, the most simple and not what maintenance, this is my first consideration, now it seems that this is a complete failure! After two or three nights, it is very simple to make a web site, the basic source of navigation website hao123 and 265, but the design style is completely different from them. So buy a domain name (domain name but I think for a long time ago, ready to engage in investment domain, cimgoo homophonic Selkirk, and he is very proud, like a foreigner drops) and virtual host, website upload. And then log on to Baidu, Google and Yahoo, are manual, and then no tube. The results of nearly a month (at the beginning of June, three people have) is included, and then a statistical CNZZ, found a day less than 100IP! This is indeed a big rookie, no awareness of the promotion. So began to search the site to promote the topic, during which met a lot of webmaster friends, and into a few webmaster group. Slowly also learned a little thing, but I stand the flow of long strange slow (basically maintained at 500IP), not like those friends say that can be a few days to several thousand IP. I’m in trouble, it seems that those methods may not be suitable for me.
      then I started thinking, thinking gradually ~ ~ ~ ~ I know is my site positioning, navigation station are everywhere, not hao123 and 265 really famous? Think about who will use your website, and I don’t have to use it. This time I began to calm down, the whole of September I just look at domestic and foreign outstanding website, and pay special attention to personal website, and then analyze our own advantages, decided to do a IT industry site, although many people, but I have my own resources, I have confidence! So in what way to give my resources

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