Exclusive analysis of the domestic 50 video site domain type

renamed China (eName.cn) August 13th news, now the movie is not only on the big screen, while the TV is not just to watch on TV. Network tickets, message release, online video, film and film writing related websites all rise. In the film and television websites emerge in an endless stream, the domestic top 50 websites are in favor of what kind of domain name, and the following one by one.


: Video Site combination domain name

domain name Iqiyi, LETV Aotou high value


" originally "Qiyi" enabled the domain name qiyi.com on the line, after the announcement of brand promotion, launched the "Iqiyi" brand, at the same time as the official domain name enabled the domain name iqiyi.com. In June this year, Iqiyi spent nearly one million yuan to buy 2 letter domain name qy.com, now jump beloved Qiyi. The domain name iqiyi.com IP daily (monthly average) was 9 million 750 thousand, the average daily PV (average 19 million 500 thousand months), the PR value is 7.

music LETV official website is a combination of domain name letv.com, had previously won the domain name arbitration letvw.com, and set the jump to the music network. The domain name letv.com PR value is 7, the average daily IP (average 3 million 660 thousand months), the average daily PV (average 14 million 640 thousand months).

senior film critic website "Mtime time" is the official domain name back to the mtime.com, the domain name was hold, which had enabled time net "time" Larry domain shiguang.com as a web domain name. Upon inquiry, the domain name mtime.com IP daily (monthly average) 1 million 215 thousand, the average daily PV (monthly average) 6 million 75 thousand, the PR value is 6.

6V movie network, the original domain name 6vdy.com and dy131.com stolen, hackers change DNS, the site will be built into the same site as the original two sites. 6V movie network to enable the new domain name 6vhao.com/.net as a new domain name. According to the inquiry, the PR value of the domain name 6vdy.com is 3, while the 6vhao.com domain is the PR value is 0, but the average daily PV (monthly average) is 369 thousand, far higher than the stolen domain name 54 thousand.

in the top 50 video website, the domain name portfolio has 21, accounting for 42%, and from the above example that TV websites combined into "TV TV" these two letters, such as LETV (letv.com), Zhejiang TV official website (zjstv.com), TV (hunantv.com), mango Tianyi video (tv189.com), and the movie website like "movie" Pinyin initials "dy", or English word movie initials "M", such as Movie Heaven (dytt8.com), dygod (dy201>

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