Business treasure into the boiler B2B boiler network formally launched


China boiler network home screenshot

in the web page column navigation China boiler, set up supplier, product catalogs, new supply, business opportunities, information, and thematic exhibition, recruitment, brand, database, business circle, business loans, etc. Can be seen from the settings of the column, are around a series of needs of enterprise users and expand. In the web site’s top search box, you can search for products, suppliers, the latest supply, business opportunities, information, etc..

In addition to

page navigation columns, the site is mainly set up columns including: corporate recommendation, product recommendation, VIP supply, new supply, enterprise exhibition, exhibition information, the website below also set up brand recommendation, enterprise information, partners and other columns. The settings of these columns, the company played a very good role in promoting.

at present, a large number of domestic network marketing platform, and the choice of a precise, effective and convenient marketing platform for enterprises is essential. China boiler network relies on the business treasure "small portal + strategic alliance mode, make enterprises to do promotion in Chinese boiler online, can also be extended to the relevant professional website of many industrial chain, greatly saves the enterprise promotion cost, enhance the efficiency.

the rapid development of various industries, are inseparable from the support of the entire national economy. As we all know, the boiler plays a very important role in the national economy and people’s lives. Boiler is one of the three major equipment of thermal power, thermal power generation accounts for China’s current installed capacity of 75%, the boiler is the main equipment of energy supply in the industrial production, the boiler is also indispensable in people’s life of the equipment.

boiler is an important thermal power equipment, China is now the world’s most productive and use of boiler. Since the reform and opening up, with the continuous progress of the national economy, China boiler manufacturing industry is booming, the number of domestic manufacturing enterprises reached more than 1000 boiler.

at this stage, the boiler industry and enterprises are facing a hitherto unknown opportunities and challenges, on the one hand, the domestic boiler industry competition pressure boiler manufacturing enterprises continue to increase, foreign companies are speeding up the boiler to enter the domestic market, the adjustment of energy structure, material and technology enterprises rising costs; on the other hand, energy saving and environmental protection requirements are also brought a rare opportunity for development, if the boiler enterprises adhere to market-oriented, rely on scientific and technological innovation, the development of strategic adjustment of the enterprise, we can seize the opportunity, has made great progress.

according to reports, after the listing, Netsun to strategic layout and project promotion, launched the "business people first" business platform, the platform will be equal in all areas of industry website content, traffic, advertising, and even the capital for effective integration of resources, forming a unique "small portal + alliance" model, the model has exploded since launch.

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