The first experience of an angel 1

      a few friends to participate in the financing process, and angel investors have contact, I feel very interesting. The recent karma, have the opportunity to represent several traditional industries net friends want to contact business projects, participate in the project from the standpoint of the investors, have some experience, write down.

      1. Idle private capital is angel investment subject

      I think the mainstream professional investment institutions are not angels, a large number of idle private capital is, but they are not the appropriate way and entrepreneurs association. Entrepreneurs to obtain financing, do not have to squeeze the professional investment institutions these competitive diversified contact bridge, civil idle funds may be better. Trust path through acquaintances to find investment, not to know the information sent to institutions.

      the choice of investment institutions is more, performance is expected to be relatively large, the corner of the eye is also higher. They are not interested in, perhaps private individual investors, especially investors interested in related industries will be interested.

      two. Angel investors are also entrepreneurs

      angel investment is understood as investors may not be too in place, as they see others through the realization of their own entrepreneurial ideal entrepreneurs may be more appropriate. This is not only suitable for individual investors, at least I have contacted the investment institutions, which also applies. From the perspective of communication, so positioning angel investors, may contribute to the understanding of the exchange between the two sides. It is best not to angel investors only as money, with money to communicate with entrepreneurs than hard.

      early financing Angel stage, the project life and death two boundless, the value is really hard to say. VC is to have a clear business rapid amplification, the risk is relatively small; and the angel to explore the unknown and you have to bear higher risk Mieding project. Entrepreneurs of the success of the project confidence and small investors confidence in stocks is not reliable, the actual operation with the plan is likely to be. Angel risk.

      some friends insist on a number of million value to early projects in their own assessment, in order to calculate the investors should account for the shares, in the early stage, I feel a bit of nonsense. I remember a story in Affandi said, there is a restaurant boss to bully people, a lot of money eggs, on the grounds that if the eggs hatched chickens, chickens, eggs… Affandi’s tit for tat is if the money, interest, interest regeneration… In the early stages of the project, the value is equal to infinity, equal to 0.

      from the perspective of the proportion of value to consider the proportion of angel shares

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