Cai Wensheng there is still room for innovation in the mobile nternet personal website

PHPWind, Xiamen fish nets, home owners (Chinaz) jointly organized the 2010 China website of local and Industry Development Forum held in Xiamen in May 14th, including more than 200 local community owners, and industry veteran Internet scene, related to the development of the theme of a in-depth discussion on the community website, to promote the community to the broader space put forward suggestions, have an important role in promoting the development of the industry.

Mr. Cai Wensheng, chairman of

4399 also participated in the PHPWind local website and vertical industry website seminar, and delivered a keynote speech.

Mr. Cai Wensheng said, "three years ago, also in this place, the third Chinese stationmaster Congress ended here, when I made a prediction of a development trend of the Internet and personal webmaster, the future will be vertical websites, industry websites in the world, three years after the development momentum of these sites far beyond my imagination."

Mr. Cai Wensheng and Mr. Wang gathering in the venue to exchange

Mr. Cai Wensheng said in his speech, ten years ago, everyone can see CCTV, ten years ago, we can only portals, but ten years later, the Internet and the media environment changes in turn the world upside down, local TV stations such as Hunan TV in some areas do better than CCTV, personal webmaster in the China Internet become the mainstream in the industry Web site and local sites in the three line of the city where there are a lot of space for development.

at the same time, Mr. Cai Wensheng on the development of mobile Internet to express their views, think portal or state-owned media in PC Internet innovation or performance does not necessarily repeat, he believes in the mobile Internet, the website first burden is relatively large, the second is innovation pressure, and personal webmaster without any burden, can play, innovation.

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