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[IT] WeChat Time depth observation of the ill fated, a born touched the interests of operators, "WeChat charges" about the problems, then, in the commercialization process, also encountered false bad information center, however, WeChat and other instant messaging public does exist many illegal problems in information release.


recently, Guoxin Office jointly Ministry of industry, Ministry of public security in the country to carry out a period of a month, for special operations, WeChat and other mobile instant communication tools, focus on remediation of illegal acts in the service of publishing public information of mobile instant messaging.

WeChat early in the second half of 2013 has been on the part of the WeChat public number and micro business carried out rectification, large and small during the consolidation is also released from the initial public too many to count, restricted platform for attachment to sensitive content words, many involving sensitive content and personal, public platform.


since its inception, people have been talking about how the commercial, but WeChat in the commercial, but was fake and false bad information problems.

false problems WeChat commercial


before the caution in the commercialization process, and is one of the reasons is that the circle of friends of marketing the dragons and fishes jumbled together.


private social attribute based on acquaintance, let some marketers moving from the crooked brains, this is a free platform for micro marketing field, easy thousand, let some sellers have tasted the sweetness, so a large number of sellers also began to pour into the WeChat platform.

circle of friends is no longer a true friend, a lot of WeChat users found that their WeChat unknowingly added a lot of people do not know, and this is mixed with a large number of circle of friends sellers.

when a friend circle of friends is filled with a large number of marketing account, through the WeChat sale, and the sale of the product in quality there is no guarantee of fake goods, when the user interests have been violated in the purchase process, rights is still very difficult, after all, WeChat marketing circle of friends is not a formal sales platform.

this, WeChat has also taken measures to curb the trading circle of friends, friends will limit the number of WeChat users set at 5000, although the number of friends, to a certain extent curbed by marketing circle of friends, but 5000 friends limit for gregarious people, affect the user experience, contrary to the social App friends of the mind; for small sellers, 5000 friends can also meet the users of the coverage, will not have much impact on sales.

I think

will limit the number of friends in 5000, from the current point of view is just a meter, and can not solve the circle of friends of chaos marketing industry, according to the different nature of the industry and the characteristics of the user, classification set the maximum number of friends, will be more humane.

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