Li Shufu denounced the nternet repairer hot do car to quanqian

in recent years, Internet companies such as cars like bamboo shoots after a spring rain coming out, the U.S. Tesla was worth more than a 110 year old veteran car manufacturers Fiat, all of a sudden, Internet car to subvert the traditional automobile argument rampant. But hundreds of years of automotive history has always been the use of new technologies for cars, few car companies have been subverted by foreign industries, this time will be an exception?

in the face of domestic Internet repairer companies rush on like a swarm of hornets, Geely chairman Li Shufu recently held in the "speculative Internet auto denounced — the Third International Automobile Safety Forum, some enterprises do not know the car, have a lot of money, the" war ", is intended to capital market quanqian.

Internet enterprise

with the traditional car prices fight technology no chance

since last year, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to "make" Internet plus "action plan", in the country formed a "Internet industry boom". Among them, in the automotive sector, "Internet plus" phenomenon is particularly obvious, not only the traditional automobile enterprises are actively carry out research on the unmanned automatic driving technology, a large number of Internet companies also poured into the car circle, trying to build the Internet smart car "".

in many Internet companies have cars, alone to launch unmanned vehicles Baidu, also with the automobile companies together to create Internet electric vehicles LETV cars, as well as Internet companies, Tencent, auto dealers IT foundry Foxconn automobile three jointly build a harmonious Internet plus intelligent electric vehicles more harmonious Futeng, no money, no technology just having a PPT financing Ranger electric vehicle.

almost every Internet companies have announced plans to build in the face of the traditional automobile enterprises and the media questioned. Li Shufu is more outspoken, cars to lay the foundation skills, step by step, do real technology development and engage in all kinds of technology and experiment, Tesla to date more than and 10 years, the annual loss of money.

is the same as the Internet pioneer car repairer Wei founder Li Bin said he was not prompted by a sudden impulse repairer early in 2011 to recognize the car, car technology is not the most important, "the car to return to the user after all, an enterprise to create profits, to give users more good experience or higher efficiency, car the enterprise should enter into 3 (mobile Internet Era), in the mobile Internet era really the biggest change is the relationship between the enterprise and the brand and user."

traditional car prices

cooperation with Internet companies in order to win

Li Bin for entrepreneurial failure is psychologically prepared, the probability of successful integration of traditional industries and the Internet is still relatively low.

Li Shufu also believes that the scope of the Google car autopilot is currently 40 km autopilot, which is a long distance between the concept of pure unmanned and practical

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