Google cn is still normal access to CP license approval no results

sina science and technology news on July 1st morning news, as of today 0:30, ICP license has expired Google Chinese website (including, as well as its 265 Internet navigation is still normal access. Google China is able to regain the ICP license is inconclusive, coincidentally, it has been used by another ICP license has not passed the annual inspection.

in January 12th this year, Google announced the adjustment of China’s strategy. From the beginning of March 23rd morning, users access the automatically jump to Google Hongkong, after has quietly removed ICP license number. In fact, the same period at the end of March is the ICP license renewal application deadline.

Since then,

Google ICP China on the issue of the media was mentioned.

June 29th Google

through the official blog said, in the Chinese operation ICP license will expire on June 30th, has not been renewed reply, ICP license expired will not continue to operate. At the same time, Google will visit the jump settings by automatically changing to manual mode, and re submit the ICP license application for annual inspection.

according to Sina’s understanding of science and technology, Google will regain the ICP license is quite strong.

As of

today at 0:30, no evidence that Google Chinese do, but, and, combined with "ICP card B2-20070004" license several sites, did not cease to provide external access service. Google China also did not disclose the progress of its ICP license re examination and approval.

Internet information service management approach and other regulations, engaged in Internet information service activities within the territory of People’s Republic of China, ICP licenses must be accepted and annual inspection.

According to the requirements of

, the site should be marked with its business license or registration number in a prominent position in the home page, and for "without the license, without authorization to engage in Internet information services, or beyond the approved project to provide services, by the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the telecommunications management agencies ordered to make corrections".

At present,

, Google China re apply for ICP license inspection results have not yet been finalized, but the general view for is still set to jump in, is difficult to fully meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

in this case, is facing a suspected illegal operation again.

three years ago, for the first time to apply for ICP license, after about a year and a half, this site has been and sharing a "Beijing ICP license number 050124". Coincidentally, the information from the Beijing Municipal Communications Authority, said Beijing ICP card 0>

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