The first case of public financing to raise the public to raise the effectiveness of all parties to

[Abstract] at present, including all the chips to raise the transaction, including the Internet is still in the rapid development of financial transactions.



technology news (Le Tian) September 15th news, Haidian court before the date of the plaintiff (defendant in the counterclaim) Beijing flying network technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as the flying company) and the defendant (plaintiff in the counterclaim) Beijing Nuomiduo Restaurant Management Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Nuomiduo company) intermediary contract dispute case open verdict, the case for the country’s first public financing case.

data show that in January 21, 2015, the company signed the fit service agreement "and" commissioned financing Nuomiduo company, Nuomiduo company commissioned by the company fit in its operations "everyone voted" platform financing 880 thousand yuan (including Nuomiduo company should pay 176 thousand yuan), to set up a limited partnership set up "health Nuomiduo ribs fast fashion restaurant" partnership shop.

after the signing of the agreement, the company promised to Nuomiduo cooperation to fit company YeePay "recharge 176 thousand yuan, and the project site, signed the lease agreement etc.. The company also fit the timely completion of the contract obligations of financing 880 thousand yuan.

but later in the process, everyone thinks Nuomiduo investment platform company provide housing department building and non agreement cottage, cannot provide housing property permits, housing rent and rent out around the larger issues, after both sides failed to negotiate a meeting with investors.

April 14, 2015, the company received notice of termination of contract fit Nuomiduo company sent notice, from now on release "commissioned by the financing service agreement", the company paid for the return of Nuomiduo financing and payment of the loss of 50 thousand yuan.

on the same day, the company also sent to the company Nuomiduo fit to Nuomiduo notice of termination, the company for breach of contract by lifting the "entrusted financing service agreement" requirement, Nuomiduo company to pay liquidated damages and losses. After both parties to the court, the plaintiff fit companysappeal:

1, Nuomiduo company commissioned by the company to pay the fit financing costs 44000 yuan;

2, Nuomiduo company to pay 44000 yuan of liquidated damages to fit the company;

3, Nuomiduo company paid the flying company 19712.5 yuan of economic losses.

Nuomiduo company’sappeal plaintiff in the counterclaim: 1, the flying company returned 176 thousand yuan and pay the corresponding interest; 2, fit Nuomiduo company company to compensate the loss of 50 thousand yuan.

Haidian court held a public hearing on August 20, 2015. During the trial, the company and the company Nuomiduo fit were submitted to the court a case involving the issue of evidence, to fully express their views, the two through the "everybody investment platform investment in the project investors as a witness.

On the basis of finding out the facts, the court of the Haidian

considers that the core dispute of the case is mainly the two party

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