Follow the trend of social networking site Linkedn listed stimulus Limited

the business networking site LinkedIn successful listing and continued warming, not only confirms the tremendous potential of social occupation of the market, leaving investors began jealous competitors flocked and loss of users, will be placed in a social networking site is a life-and-death matter. The day before, friends network version 3 officially launched, that Tencent officially joined the social networking site battlefield. It is understood that the line for 3 months, the number of users, the number of active users beyond the traditional social networking sites such as happy. With the exception of Tencent, Baidu also unwilling to remain out of the limelight. In the Baidu world 2011 conference, Robin Li launched a new Baidu home page, which also marks the era of Baidu’s search from the era of social networking to share.

social networking site in the country’s fanatical performance, from the capital market optimistic about this emerging Internet model. Especially with the successful listing of the network as well as the United States professional social networking site LinkedIn, while stimulating investors, but also to follow a lot of people who are crazy, have entered this field. It is understood that in the domestic social networking market, in addition to the above mentioned social networking sites, as well as heart network, sky network, Ushi, street network and many other networking sites like LinkedIn mode. The fierce competition of the social networking site where the future will develop? Ushi chief product officer and co-founder Zhang Yue believes that the future of social networking sites is not only large companies have their own characteristics of the battlefield, a lot of social networking sites can participate, and get the chance of survival. However, still in the burn model of social networking sites, it will develop according to this


subversion of traditional

domestic professional social networking site, thanks to the success of the U.S. social networking site LinkedIn. Recently, LinkedIn released the first quarter after the listing of the financial report, the company’s second quarter revenue of $121 million, $54 million 900 thousand over the same period last year growth of 120%. LinkedIn beautiful performance attracted countless people envious eyes.

but in fact, this is not the most beautiful time LinkedIn. In May 19th this year, the world’s largest professional social networking site LinkedIn listed on the NYSE, the first day closed at $94.25, compared with the issue price of $45 rose by 109%. LinkedIn shares rose to $122.7. According to the closing price, LinkedIn market capitalization reached $8 billion 910 million, becoming the darling of the capital. In the social field, LinkedIn is not the first company to engage in this business, but why it has exceeded the Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites gene


it is understood that the effects of LinkedIn and Facebook and other social networking sites, its anti Facebook and other social networking sites to chase the entertainment and social, inventive, social and occupation together, and on this basis, reflect the maximum value of social relation data. In a sense

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