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online social networking and e-commerce is gradually moving closer to each other, the specialization of the new value chain will be more and more detailed in the future.

NetEase technology columnist Li Li (micro-blog)

have you ever seen the best social

(Social Shopping) website?

in the future, media companies will become retailers, retailers will become a media company,


this is the current most popular social relations really answers community know almost on a hot topic based on this kind of online social networking and e-commerce trends in a lot of discussion, and the answer is full of high perspicacity.

For example, a

to the American public online consumer market has a in-depth study of the new Social Shopping user that Liu should be divided into two directions, one is its own shopping information platform developed based on Social function, such as thefind.com (Facebook, retailmenot.com (butt) of its own social platform), savings.com (Q), characteristics this is the social platform is built on the shopping flow based its own large, social play the role of icing on the. Another is the product positioning is in social shopping, some have proved very successful, comparative shopping information website social function, this kind of website to undertake more innovation risk, but there is a better power and investment value.

yes, in the future, online social networking and e-commerce integration is an inevitable trend, but we are most concerned about is how to fusion? This is a lot of websites have tried, there are more practical websites are doing.

about 10 years ago, Threadless, an American shirt, tried to sell shirts in the community. Each week, a design competition, nearly 700 participants will be T-shirts designed to upload to the site, Threadless to allow visitors to the design of the scoring by 5 points, the site staff from the most popular works selected winners. Because the user is elected for each shirt, shirt Threadless were sold out, this kind of viral marketing to bring high traffic for Threadless, spring day in 2001, Threadless sold 35 thousand t-shirts.

Threadless also encourages new users to open a blog, upload photos, write attractive comments, so that the community continues to grow, and T-shirt sales almost become a by-product. Many users also registered as Threadless’s electronic magazine users. Founder Karl Mikve said that the website every week to give to the 370 thousand mailbox, which had 75% recipients open letters, the latest web content view.

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