Recruitment website tends to regional development

last year, the total number of college graduates in the country is 2 million 800 thousand, this year the national college graduates will reach 3 million 380 thousand people, with another round of college graduates, the recruitment industry has ushered in another spring. Recently, in some job sites, job seekers do not meet of every hue in the society, the look for a needle in the ocean in search of work, expand the network applications in reverse. "Reward: 2000 yuan for a marketing specialist, expect a monthly salary of 3000-4000 yuan, not limited to welfare", "reward: 5000 yuan, apply for bank teller, five insurance requirements, there are dividends at the end, if they can enter the preparation of bounty can be negotiated"…… Along with the increasing of the employment demand, this new form of job seekers network reward, not only alleviate the increasingly fierce employment competition in the industry, no doubt to the development of recruitment website hit a shot in the arm.

, the headhunting company according to their own duty guest contacts and information, through the network for job seekers to work, people and consultants. Despite the controversy and doubt, but flourishing duty guest of a year still maintained a unique attraction and strong market demand. This also brings new business opportunities to the recruitment website. From the China regional point of view, the flow of talent the highest Beijing, Shanghai and other large city market mainly by the three major service providers to occupy, but in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Western Chongqing, Xi’an and other places, the local recruitment network service providers are dominant market. From the capital market in the past two years, Zhongshan, Chongqing, Zhejiang and Tianjin and other places of service providers have been favored by foreign capital and HR giants, and access to higher market value.

hand Chinese recruitment network a huge potential market, on the other hand also shows that the recruitment of fierce market competition, especially for new entrants to foreign enterprises, local enterprises to expand their capital become more insurance.

              current recruitment website advantage although the market concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai and other big city, but because the qianchengwuyou,, Zhaopin three giants occupy the coastal city, the capital of the surrounding areas developed talent market, but has no tendency to the second city development, they are also afraid of front too long, is not conducive to the development of the. Therefore, the real market for small and medium recruitment sites in second tier cities, especially the local recruitment site accounted for absolute advantage.

how to do a good job of local recruitment website, is a focus on cooperation and some local media, because of a considerable number of people looking for work, often due to various reasons limit, generally in the current city life, so accustomed to the local site. So, through the benefit sharing, expand the depth of cooperation and have some influence in a region of the website, print, seize the local talent market;

              second, and universities and some local personnel

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