The cross border electricity supplier frequent headlines squandering the defective charming eyes

in recent years, if you are not in the WeChat circle of friends brush one or two purchasing information, it can only say that you have not "international". Well, say "purchasing" is a bit low? The sea Amoy you heard? Further, the word last year in "cross-border" heard? In recent one or two years, cross-border electricity is more and more popular, from a vocabulary to now No one shows any interest in, frequently appear in major media headlines. From the Baidu index can be seen, since last July so far, the search index soared, cross-border electricity supplier will become both O2O after the word of a rotten street it is now possible to look at the trend. In fact, from the earliest overseas purchasing to sea Amoy until the development of the electronic business platform site now, cross-border electricity supplier to overseas purchasing on the moment tall on the



cross-border electricity supplier frequent headlines has become a hotly contested spot


cross-border electricity supplier in this industry is now much fire? Internet media for cross-border electricity supplier has been exploring for many years, the headlines are not surprising. But CCTV news network also gave a cross-border electricity supplier headlines treatment, focusing on the annual report released by the Ministry of Commerce of China has become the world’s largest trading nation. When CCTV mentioned cross-border electricity supplier in the domestic import and export trade, but focused on the amazing growth of cross-border electricity supplier. A big data report outlines the future of Global trade patterns. Traditional foreign trade growth of less than 10% per year, cross-border e-commerce has maintained a growth rate of more than 30%. China’s more than and 20 small businesses in various types of network platform to do business, the annual turnover of more than $250 billion. China is working with the United States as the center of global cross-border e-commerce. In the Internet to reshape the pattern of international trade, China not only grab the opportunity, but also to trade growth has added a new fulcrum.

since 2014, cross-border electricity supplier so suddenly, Tmall, Amazon,, Jingdong, a number of stores have opened up the cross-border electricity supplier of the "second battlefield"! Recently learned that the second battlefield dare Dangdang will also enter the cross-border electricity supplier "". The giants of strong invasion, as several start-ups of ocean terminal, honey bud baby, CN sea Amoy respectively to obtain high financing, opened in 2015 after Ma and Liu Qiangdong went to the European nations investment, cross-border competition in the electricity supplier in China has been carried out like a raging fire.

traced its essence of cross-border electricity supplier

in my point of view, cross-border electricity supplier is not what model innovation, but only the concept of update. From the earliest e-commerce in international trade has already been a cross-border electricity supplier model. Until recent years, the rise of mobile social networking, more closely linked between people. Overseas purchasing, micro business, sea Amoy and other fire up until now there is a cross-border electricity supplier platform. Name has been changed, the essence has not changed is to do international trade through the internet. I have been writing in the past has been stressed that the view is: the Internet is changing quickly, some people you are always afraid to follow >

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