Beijing Shanghai about the rules of the car landing we can also about the car

in the afternoon of December 21st, Beijing City, about the appointment of taxi business management services, the official release.

despite the objections of the previous draft is very large, but the final version of the rules or to retain the general was Tucao Beijing car Beijing people, but the rules on the models to relax.

rules, online car platform business for a period of 4 years, expire after passing the examination can be postponed, net about car platform to bear the carrier’s liability, responsibility for production safety and the corresponding social responsibility in accordance with law, security management responsibilities, and bear the vehicle driver for personnel and vehicles to buy related insurance.


network about vehicle registration is needed in Beijing City, Beijing City, announced to meet emission standards, the implementation of the new vehicle, 5 three car passenger car exhaust volume is not less than 1.8L, the vehicle wheelbase is not less than 2650 mm, containing new energy vehicles; the driver asked the driver to access, with Beijing hukou, that is in the vehicle and the driver access, Beijing is still a continuation of the previous "Beijing Beijing car" provisions, in addition also provides details about the network driver license issued by the need for the city of Beijing, about personal and vehicle car platform access network must pass through the audit, qualified rear can participate in the operation on the road.

compared to the previous version of the comments, the vehicle wheelbase requirements shorten, basically all of the A-class cars can now operate, while the displacement from 1.8T, 2 reduced to 1.8. The 7 seater 5100mm long provisions have been cancelled.

Beijing also retained a transitional period of 5 months, allowing the network about car companies in the transition area for the relevant formalities.

is also on the afternoon of December 21st, Shanghai’s network about the rules of the car also landed, the same wheelbase reduced to 2600mm, relaxed restrictions on the network about car models.

from the draft to the ground floor, the new deal will have an impact on the network about the car, we can be happy about the car?

first, the policy shows that the changes in the network car positioning change

in China’s policy system, the central government to develop a large policy, the implementation details. The rules of Beijing, Shanghai often have a symbolic role. Beijing Shanghai draft out, other areas of the draft Basic is the Beijing Shanghai shrunk Version (condition more relaxed), the official version of the Beijing Shanghai relaxed about the car network restrictions, other areas will be relaxed accordingly.

When the Beijing

requirements wheelbase 2700mm above, when the displacement of more than 1.8T intermediate car, second tier city can ask 2650mm a car, when Shanghai also lower the standard to 2600mm, not when the displacement threshold of the two or three line of the city is likely to relax to 2550mm or 2500mm.

about the network about the car model requirements down, in addition to the opposition to play a role, but also that the government about the network about the location of the car has been adjusted.

original model requirements is to let the network >

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