On the construction of e commerce platform for building decoration products

with further strengthen domestic regulation of real estate policy, the housing decoration industry supply chain downstream of the real estate business has also been affected, as competition increases, so many housing decoration companies all of a sudden management difficulty, source reduction, profit decreases, and the selectivity of the user is more and more high, many marketers think housing decoration the more kinds of better decoration products, to the user’s satisfaction, but it is limited by capital and channel pressure, makes a lot of housing decoration product marketing agents have to look at Qian Xingtan".

home decoration products group purchase network makes this possibility into reality is more and more big, with the rise of the Internet and logistics, decorative products can help to build the Internet to carry out marketing, but also can get rid of the limitation of the product is too simple, even with the help of the Internet gathered on the downstream resources, build housing decoration B2C e-commerce marketing platform and can realize the variety and diversity of building materials products, and can meet the needs of customers, with the help of B2C in e-commerce platform, but also can be extended to a larger market for online and offline sales of decorative products with the integration, to achieve seamless integration of virtual and real.

As for the seller to provide

taobao.com sales platform, marketers can according to the housing decoration industry resources, focus on product sales platform, and set up a 3D virtual demonstration and video platform, when customers choose products through the website, the website customer service staff to talk to communicate with the user, the user’s understanding of the real demand and consumption ability, and provide product pictures and video text that users can understand the relevant samples and use decorative products easily, while providing successful marketers do decoration experience, let the user virtual Home Furnishing feeling, can let the customer experience to advance understanding of the use of products of feeling, this will not effect to buy than the real user’s poor results, and can integrate industry resources, to provide users with a full set of decorative products Decorative design, demonstration design results, the effect will be better than the actual purchase.

realize the real difficulties decoration product marketing is the logistics and distribution, if the user is in a second tier city is still relatively easy to handle, smooth logistics also reached a relatively large to ensure decoration products, if cooperation and local decoration market, so we can achieve online orders, real-time service delivery network. There are a lot of decoration is according to this idea in resource integration practice of decorative products, publish authoritative information and guidance through the platform, to attract regional brand decoration companies to join, and provide various brands of local agents point of contact and telephone, to create decorative products, decoration market and customer resource sharing.

operating a decorative B2C e-commerce platform is not easy. In addition to the promotion, the greater the limitations of logistics and distribution. How to use a good business model to break this limitation will be the key to the success of your site. Article by UPS power http://s.fjhn-ups.com/ original >

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