How to effectively use the Wikipedia platform to do promotion

with the popularity of the Internet, companies use the Internet to do marketing is also rising, many small and medium-sized enterprises at the Internet in the continuous development and growth, in the face of the strong is a piece of delicious cake, so many companies are using the Internet this advantage to do marketing. However, enterprises want to do marketing, the premise is the promotion of good enterprise products, websites, and other information services, for the promotion of methods, each method has the unique value of the enterprise, can bring a unique marketing. From the data point of view, the current number of companies are using Wikipedia platform to do promotion, can also be a good platform for the promotion of Wikipedia platform, otherwise the enterprise will not be so much emphasis on wikipedia.


now many enterprises are using Wikipedia platform to do promotion, in fact it is an entry in the form of publicity, so as to promote the brand and reputation and corporate image for the company, most companies think Wikipedia content is very powerful, users also believe Wikipedia content, so vigorously into the encyclopedia in the promotion of. Currently the most mainstream Encyclopedia Baidu encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, Tencent encyclopedia, Wikipedia, etc., which is the highest market share of Baidu encyclopedia. The author believes that if companies can effectively use Wikipedia and long-term adherence, I believe in the near future will quickly enhance the authority of the enterprise and corporate image. Of course, the enterprise wants to make Wikipedia platform must first learn to create Wikipedia encyclopedia promotion, in fact is very simple, remember two points, the first is to establish a new entry, second is to edit the existing entries, enterprises commonly used is to set up new entries, but want to audit is not easy. Then, the author take the Baidu encyclopedia to do, let the experience with the exchange of author.

a clever use of Baidu encyclopedia assistant editor

first, clever use of Baidu encyclopedia editor assistant. In theory, the content of enterprises to create a more professional entry through the rate is higher, when a lot of promotion personnel in the edit entries to create a high quality of the entries, but always can not be achieved, so to have a headache. Don’t worry, the promotion should be good at using the editor assistant editor. This is Baidu provides for us, and this function is very powerful, can assist the enterprise effective promotion personnel to master the methods of editing entries, editing assistant is also very simple, to edit the page click navigation in the editor. You can then find. For our classification.

example: I now want to edit entries for the enterprise, the author by editing the assistant to the editor, the author first opened the Baidu encyclopedia entry page and then click to create navigation Editing Assistant, into the directory template, and then according to the enterprise to edit entries to find the most suitable classification, then the author gives the directory and template reference system sample entry edit.

two, entries should be readable without advertising information

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