Behind WeChat’s circle of friends purchasing luxury goods marketing sell fake work in just ways



behind the circle of friends: the circle of marketing work in just ways purchasing luxury goods sold fake

30 year old Zhang Hua, the day begins: open and pick up the bed of the mobile phone, WeChat or micro-blog to see his brush. Her own WeChat’s circle of friends update much faster than usual, many of which are some of the designer bags, clothes, picture information. The reporter interviewed a random number of mobile phone users, found that most people WeChat "circle of friends" there are people doing business in WeChat, LV, Chanel, Cartire international brands such as luxury, they call "purchasing luxury goods".

this is a new electricity supplier sales model friend "? Or hidden" fake a circle "?" luxury "purchasing behind what is the process? The reporter conducted a survey.


reporter in the WeChat search column input purchasing word, there is a series of public marketing account, from wine and glasses to clothing, bags, variety. Reporters saw these WeChat stores, mainly based on the purchase of luxury goods, filled with a variety of international brands of clothing, purses, watches.

A acquaintances business month sales of over

a month ago, Zhang Hua’s understanding of e-commerce is only the kind of shopping website that they often go to. Today, in front of reporters, while Zhang Hua is proud to say: "do a period of time, have a stable customer base, I try to open a store"; while skillfully open mobile phone, send some goods pictures to her WeChat circle of friends".

Zhang Hua is a staff of a public institution in Taiyuan, during the eleven long holiday, she and friends gathering, I know the luxury purchasing this new business. A friend recommended her to do, she refused, "in the beginning, I don’t understand, feel that they do not understand the two luxury, also do not have so much capital", but a friend only a few minutes to dispel her doubts, "do not need to store does not need to inventory, do not even need to shop funds". It turned out that this is not a traditional shop purchase and sale, but in the WeChat shop".

Zhang Hua, she had the idea of starting an online shop, but do not know what to sell something good, and in the online shop to the real name authentication, Alipay released more than 10 pieces of goods shop, examinations and so on, but also need to build and beautify the store page, and buy traffic to upload pictures, answer inquiries online every day to buy she was away. Friends of the WeChat store only need to register an account, a friend recommended business is "purchasing luxury goods": is the addition of several "manufacturers" QQ and WeChat, then every day will be "manufacturers" of the "luxury" picture "down" forwarded to the circle of friends you can own.

"are some of the big name luxury, I do not know the price, but also do not know the details of the specification," said Zhang Hua, who has a friend to see their own pictures of WeChat

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