What are the contents of the operation of the business website

definition of commercial website operation, there is not a unified view, by including many practitioners of the website operation is not very clear, its subjects including exactly what? This article will be discussed in more detail.

web site operators to understand from two aspects: first, from a macro point of view, the website operation is associated with all site activities, including art, technology, market, sales, construction and so on, all belong to the category of website operation; two, from the area to see, website operation is independent of the work the content of art, technology, sales and market exists, in some big Internet companies generally have specialized website operation Department, so we can often hear the network company operations manager, operations director and other staff said.

obviously, on site operators to understand, we should have to understand, because the only way to what is the specific definition of Web site operators, the specific content can be more clear of the website operation, will also appear more instructive.

The operation of

website should include five aspects: the requirement analysis and arrangement of the website, the content construction of the channel, the planning of the website, the maintenance and improvement of the product, and the communication and coordination of the department. However, these five aspects of the work content, and what exactly?.

requirement analysis and

for a web site operators, the most important is to understand the needs, on the basis of this, put forward the improvement suggestions and solutions on site specific, these suggestions and solutions certainly cannot read hastily and without thinking, eyebrows beard, but to join the discussion and analysis, to confirm whether or not feasible. When necessary, but also for the investigation or statistical analysis, selects the comprehensive desirability of these suggestions and solutions.

demand innovation, directly determines the characteristics of the site, the site will have more value, will be more attractive to users to use. For example, Sina this article each edited, often with extremely different content related links, for readers to choose, take full account of the needs of the user’s interest. Changes in the details of the site, should be based on the user needs to grasp the.

In addition to

, the demand analysis includes the study of competitors. Research competitors’ products and services and see what they have done lately to make new changes to determine whether these changes are really valuable. If you can bring value to the user, then there is no doubt that the introduction of doctrine.

channel content construction

channel content construction is an important work of the website operation. The entire site, in fact, you will feel in the content, which for some information portal, the feeling will be more obvious. Web site content, determines what you do is a kind of website. Of course, there are a number of functional sites, such as search, instant chat, etc., but provides a function, so that we can use these features. But don’t forget to make >

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