Preliminary planning and operation of local e commerce platform


since 1999, the country’s first B2C mall Dangdang after the establishment of the first domestic B2C storm. Newegg, have to follow up to B2C excellent Internet e-commerce. 04 years later, the Jingdong, where the customer, the red child vertical business outbreak and success. Although the vertical field advantage is professional, able to meet the majority of users in a certain field, easier to obtain the trust and support of users, but the customer distribution of large geographic areas, high transport costs, product type, the transportation time is long, the more important is the product specific field leads to low rate of purchase of a single user, not very good user form the habit of buying behavior.

recently, a new term "O2O" comes into view. O2O is a kind of e-commerce service based on the local online consumer line. Such as F group, Taobao group purchase and sales of tickets to local life, Kazakhstan ticket are representative of O2O website. But O2O is more focused on the non physical goods consumer services, thus setting up a local e-commerce platform and make O2O and B2C combined with each other, will be a new B2C mode of operation to make online shopping more efficient and safer, and then store the line with easier access to the user identity, this is the localization B2C mall.

local B2C set up the basic conditions

1, local resource

in the local store or warehouse owned enterprises (such as KFC, Gome, supermarket chains, large wholesalers, etc.). There are several reasons: first, have a physical store enterprises in the relatively high visibility of local users, strong sense of trust; second, store sales experience; thirdly, the early development of B2C can be treated as an additional sales channels, in the early completion of sales may effect is not good, but because of the store sales as a guarantee, can avoid the risk of poor capital turnover.

2, fast logistics and after-sales service

local B2C advantage is aging and service, the most important thing is the aging, if there is no fast delivery service on the local B2C. Because there is no fast door-to-door service, I believe the user will choose a lower price, more abundant resources, such as Taobao or pat shopping sites, there is no room for your survival. So the local B2C to do well, not low price promotions, but shorter delivery time and better after-sales service.

3, stable supply and storage inventory system

local electricity supplier must do is the ability to fast delivery and delivery, so stable supply and storage is essential. Sales inventory system and website stores need to sync or inventory left a certain number of sites need to next frame operation on the goods, prevent website orders after the user goods store sales, to meet the needs of users and reduce user loyalty.

early planning

1, identify commodity and platform mode

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