Subvert the traditional electricity supplier wisdom in the original bid bid treasure shopping mode


under the new model of e-commerce may be a new way

recently called wisdom in bid ( has become a thriving shopping mall entertainment. It is different from the ordinary shopping website. It appears in a new way, and is different from the traditional electricity supplier.

why is new, because the out of the ordinary website mode — bid treasure. Bid treasure mode is as follows:

(Bao Chi in bid will recharge special virtual currency), the use of bid to be treasure treasure, every bid, commodity prices from 0 yuan to rise only 1 cents, then 10 seconds heartbeat countdown 10 seconds to open, if not and you are your competition, the goods by bid. According to official data, there are a lot of goods is also lower than the market price of 90 percent off. In other words, the market price of 4000 yuan iPhone 5S, you can buy a few hundred dollars or a few hundred dollars.

bid Chi in the official game with


28.43 yuan bid get iPhone 5S

fun and not be able to attract users, but if the website is new and interesting commodity? Wisdom in the bid world collecting the latest wave of commodity. Don’t say beautiful tyrant gold, but also not to mention the big screen Samsung S4. There are hundreds of thousands of kinds of creative products. Mobile phone can be here to bid, the new TV can also be obtained here, and even the problem of eating can also be resolved in the wisdom of bid, because it can provide a large number of food rolls.


is hot bid goods (wisdom in the bid official website screenshot)

bid is to have wisdom in innovative gameplay and the quality of the goods, within a short period of time has attracted users across the country to participate in the bid treasure, this bid and bid for wisdom in the new mode of this treasure, is a kind of incentive, it is a test.


wisdom cartoon image in bid – bid Aberdeen


wisdom in bid get LOGO


wisdom bid official website screenshot


wisdom in the official website bid screenshots (even 404 pages can be so adorable ~)

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