2009 Xuzhou nternet Conference held in October 31st the fourth

news: November 2nd 2009 Fourth Xuzhou Internet webmaster conference and Huaihai Economic Zone fourth master conference scheduled for October 31st held in Xuzhou Zhongshan hotel conference hall. The conference is sponsored by the Internet Society of Xuzhou, the conference theme is "the world of Pengcheng mountain station". Attracted from all over the country nearly 500 webmaster and Internet industry elite gathered in Pengcheng on the Internet industry arena, Internet industry development in Xuzhou province. Concerned about the economic situation of the Internet, the network entrepreneurial prospects, how to promote personal website, profitability, development and other issues in-depth and wonderful discussion.

the conference guests Beijing network times Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Cai Wensheng, chairman of Hua Jun software Hua Jun, Wang set PHPWind  CEO, laggards forum CEO love Dong Qinfeng, gather head Guo Jijun, stationmaster net founder Zhang Zhengjun and other well-known webmaster and Internet industry influential man. Ladies and gentlemen came on stage to give keynote speeches, and launched a series of interactive topics for the current hot topic of e-commerce operations and promotion. According to the organizer Admin5 webmaster, held the conference aims to serve the majority of grassroots webmaster, gather the Internet multi force and attention, to build a communication, learning, discussion and cooperation platform, to promote the rapid development of personal webmaster and Internet overall, promote Internet industry common progress.

            the meeting of the Hangzhou techvsion Information Technology Co. Ltd. (phpwind), Xuzhou Maple letter Technology Co. Ltd., caifutong, Qingdao Ruanmei Co. Ltd., Suzhou Sunday shoes, Interactive Encyclopedia, Beijing can support the world, climbing system and units of the company. And attracted the attention of Xuzhou TV, Xuzhou daily, Xuzhou people’s broadcasting station, Xuzhou radio and television news, City morning news, Pengcheng evening news,.Techweb and other large local and foreign media.


Network Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing chairman Cai Wensheng keynote speech


Hua Jun, chairman of the military software delivered a keynote speech


laggards forum CEO Dong Qinfeng share ten years of personal experience sharing


PHPWind  CEO Wang Ji speech


webmaster network founder Wang share site management experience


round table discussion

Admin5 webmaster network as the largest personal webmaster industry, the most valuable, the most influential brand information exchange and webmaster trading platform. Had already successfully hosted the three session of the general assembly, as the Huaihai Economic Zone "

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