Group purchase industry with executives collective home analysis for bearish industry in the future

Business Daily News (reporter Wei Yu) has experienced a wave of foot digging and layoffs to buy the industry suffered a round of executives collective exodus". According to informed sources, the Wo Wo Group vice president Chen Yongjun chose to join LAFONT network, full network division vice president and group purchase industry also bid farewell to the novel. Analysts pointed out that the number of executives to leave the group purchase industry, the development of the industry very hurt, to a certain extent, part of the reason is because has left the group purchase top bearish industry in the future.

reporter learned from informed sources, our novel has left to the media industry. In this regard, our novel has made that said he had left out in a few months ago. The reporters found that the current Si Xinying micro-blog certification has removed the original "full network vice president" to "columnist".

24 tickets at the same time, insiders also told reporters that the number of executives are intended to leave, and because of this and CEO Du Yinan ‘s opinion, however, the person said, "it looks like the company executives leave is inevitable, just when the outbreak of the".

fact, group purchase industry from the year of frequent high-level talent flow, Wo Wo Group, market and Gao Peng are exposed executives leave. Among them, in March this year, Ganji marketing vice president Chen Xu confirmed resignation, Gaopeng CEO Yang Chengjian at the end of April announced his resignation earlier this month, Chen Yongjun resigned as vice president of Wo Wo Group’s operations, almost at the same time leaving the mall handle and responsible for the vice president Song Liming.

it is worth noting that, although the same is to buy the industry personnel shock, last year and this year the situation is not the same. "Last year, is the object of each site for group purchase executives, many websites at the foot of the way to dig talent, and this year you will find that almost all the executives are active, this is not a good thing for the industry." An unnamed industry insiders said.

iResearch analyst Su Huiyan expressed agreement with this, she said, in fact, for the development of an industry, resources, personnel, and other aspects of the use of accounts, etc.. The impact of executive turnover, from the industry as a whole to analyze the trend. This is naturally a negative impact on the development of group buying".

in addition, leaving executives to let insiders worry about the future of the industry, an unnamed insiders told reporters, "I found a lot of executives have left for other group purchase industry, can be seen within the industry greatly reduced the confidence of group purchase".

however, the U.S. mission network CEO Wang still believe that the group purchase environment is very good, he told reporters: "the phenomenon of group purchase site personnel of high frequency hopping last year is not too normal, now tends to normal after certainly still will have a certain flow rate, this is normal." At the same time, executives did not exposed flowing glutinous rice also believes that the recent market cooling "group purchase is in fact, industry contrarian growth in good time, we won’t stop because of the external environment and poor recruitment, but will be appropriate to raise the speed of recruitment". Han Wei / tab

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