Pass to rice Amoy Music Alliance suspected capital market more action

according to sources, the two belong to the German capital’s Internet Co Amoy music company and the rice company is in talks, the two sides may be content platform based on cooperation.


sources said earlier, rice chief operating officer Cheng Yunpeng made a special trip to Shenzhen, conducted in-depth talks with Amoy music company, then rice company arranged for a commercial director based in Shenzhen, in order to pave the way for later related cooperation.

analysis of the source, in-depth cooperation between the two sides of the company, is likely to be the two companies behind the capital driven results, may also with the recent overall market layout on rice. Datcent capital founder Ceng Liqing declined to comment in an interview with reporters DoNews game channel.

rice was founded in 2007, is the largest children’s virtual community China. The company’s products are located in children aged 4 – 12. Its platform has 180 million registered users, perennial active users reached 30 million to 50 million. As the market performance, the company plans to be in the 2 quarter of this year, the NASDAQ market.

Amoy music company was founded in 2009, founded by the German capital investment, the company product positioning in the 12 – to 24 year olds group. The first game of "peach blossom spring is coming. According to the internal allcomm an unnamed sources, allcomm investment company has to increase investment company Amoy music.

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