Sina micro blog in July from media revenue analysis

by @ rust before the collection of sina micro-blog out of the media income list. Since May, Sina started from the media platform, several large micro-blog began drying up the single. The finishing of the July Sina micro-blog from media revenue.

currently collected in July a total of 17 sun drying single:


@ five mountains scattered people to 14124.64 yuan in revenue, ranked in the top in the sun, so decided to launch discount in his Taobao store.

ranked second in the @ayawawa, $9855.72, however, if the algorithm does not change, then she may be the first or.

ranked third in the electricity supplier professional blogger, @ Gong Wenxiang, $9745.2, an increase of 58.87% over July.

fourth for @ Du Zijian, only about 8300 yuan to disclose data.

other people, some people, some people, some people only announced revenue growth, not clear the specific number.

is currently collecting the data of the sun single table as follows, may not be full, due to the serious topic related to income, our data source is only open micro-blog (including some micro-blog comments)

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