Sedo the 3 letter domain name pax com to 1 million 240 thousand yuan topped

renamed China ( April 29th news, according to foreign news, there were 569 cases in the last week, the domain name transaction is completed in the Sedo platform, the total price is more than half of the transaction. Domain name to $200 thousand (about 1 million 240 thousand yuan) topped the list of high prices.

.Com in statistics, the top three domain name suffixes are 3 letters, namely, and, it is really a 3 letter domain name investors pda.

for $200 thousand (about 1 million 240 thousand yuan) node shot domain has "a variety of customers, crawling, goddess of peace, peace county" meaning, also with the German writing tool manufacturing giant company bex (PAX) name, may be the company’s forecast at a high price will take


in the rest of the two, the 3 letter domain name for $50000 (about 310 thousand yuan) transaction, can be interpreted as "red yellow blue", said the primary colors of light, also meaning the domestic clothing industry leading enterprises honghuanglan group, the group’s official website domain name is Another domain name ", don’t get to" represent emotional words, node price of $23000 (about 140 thousand yuan).


in the domain of the domain name of the national code domain name at 1 in the morning and at about $6500 (about $40 thousand) and $5500 (about 34 thousand yuan) sold. Can not see the unique domain names have their own world.


domain name "restaurant" won the other domain of the crown, is really the "hunger breeds discontentment"? The domain name linked with people’s daily life, can be widely used in many aspects of the catering industry, catering information collection, data statistics.

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