He is in command of Tencent QQ number 10002 worth 13 billion love to listen to Wang Jianlin’s fake m

responsible for Industrial and Commercial Bureau registered company name is Ma Huateng’s father Ma Chen surgery. Ma Chen surgery is economist, also served as deputy director of the Ministry of communications Hainan eight port authority, more good at it. But Ma Chen surgery came back and said, the first three names are not registered, it can be the "Tencent".

you must know Tencent founder Ma Huateng QQ is 10001, pony net, but do you know what is the Tencent of Zhang Zhidong Tony QQ in



search out Zhang Zhidong’s QQ business card, after which a small detail caught my attention. This song is Zhang Zhidong’s love not to listen to Wang Jianlin’s song "song of entrepreneur fake monk"



"I’m going from south to north, and I’m going from white to black. I want people to see me, but I don’t know who I am. If you think I’m a little tired, please give me a bowl of water. If you fall in love with me, please kiss my mouth. I have these feet, I have these legs. I have these mountains and waters. I want it all, but don’t hate and regret."

why Wang Jianlin and Zhang Zhidong these bigwigs have love listen to this song, in fact from the lyrics can be seen, "from the south to the north" from white to black ", these words are numerous hills and streams" reflects the entrepreneurial once during the difficult rush, now listen to this song recalling the struggle of youth is not a bad idea.

after graduating from the University of Zhang Zhidong admitted to the South China University of Technology research and application of computer professional students, master’s degree after entering the Shenzhen dawn Network Limited, responsible for the research and development of software and network application system.

worked on the dawn of the network, Zhang Zhidong worked very hard, often late to work late, to second days in the morning at two or three is also a common thing. A former colleague tells Zhang Zhidong they spoof scripts dawn network:

was late to work as long as the formalities, the second day of work can be late to leave. The brothers when Zhang Zhidong worked late, the morning of the second day dawn to call Zhang Zhidong, Zhang Zhidong got can’t sleep after they told Zhang Zhidong asked for leave, not today, and urged Zhang Zhidong not go to work. In this case, Zhang Zhidong is still on time to work in the company.

Zhang Zhidong and Zhang Xiaolong, active thinking, obsessed with technology, hoping to change the world through their own technology. Once he went to help a government client network setup, when he will perfect all function architecture is completed, found a very small function which only use each other, this is not a small touch of Zhang Zhidong. What users really need, these are the real needs of the enterprise into the era of the internet.

Zhang Zhidong is very generous. Tencent internal spread: Pony, such as the parent

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