Wang Tong poor webmaster and rich webmaster

          Fu and   poor     not only refers to the money, but also the spirit. The poor webmaster is not through the web site to make money, and have bad moral and abusive owners, please don’t take it personally. I have studied a lot of websites, know a lot of webmaster, I found that the difference between poor and rich webmaster is very small, it is because of these small differences, resulting in their income difference. Here I write these findings, I hope to be able to give the head of the complaints are inspired.

one, poor webmaster like curse, rich webmaster like kua

want to be successful, thirty percent rely on the ability, the seventy percent rely on contacts, poor webmaster do not know how to operate the network, and the rich webmaster know the importance of contacts.

now, Admin5, Chinaz, im286 of the three owners gathered most of the places, every day is very frightening sound. I dare say that the curse of these owners are low income poor. But why do they curse all day?

1, Inferiority:

low self-esteem people like to behave very conceited, think that this can cover up their self-esteem, so always like to hit others to raise their own.

2, jealousy:

see other people can share their experience, while using the sharing of experience in the process of promoting their web site, but the owners themselves have no experience to write. So they can’t eat grapes. So they went to scold those who are stronger than their own.

day to curse and scold scold scold the society, without any use, the curse is not only a lack of respect for others, is their lack of respect, one does not know how to respect others and respect their own people, it is difficult to obtain a friend, not the accumulation of contacts, nature has been very poor.

know how to operate contacts of people may even do a website is not how, but he has all kinds of friends, he does not need to do a lot of things, but he had a good idea for these friends to help themselves, and then easily make money.

two, poor love others, love the rich webmaster Webmaster Help

now, many poor stationmaster is very boring, others see the Adsense high income, and began to hurt others, they will spend much more time in some specialized organizations and their boring people to malicious click others Adsense advertising, resulting in someone else’s Adsense account was banned. So now a lot of more well-known webmaster do not dare to put Adsense ads on their web site.

what good does it do to others?

is not good, but there are two results: 1, waste their time. 2, bring loss to others

this is a dog in the manger, but.

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