Robin Li Baidu PPC as money sit one day earn millions

        March 2nd news, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li recently visited the CCTV economic channel dialogue program, talk about Baidu ten years and future development goals. Robin Li on Baidu PPC Model said, click through to the small and medium-sized enterprise money advertising is like money sit by the end of 09, Baidu revenues of more than 10 million a day.


transformationIt is reported that Baidu has

, Sina, Sohu and other portals provide search services, but suffer from the portal to lower prices and arrears of technical service fees and other issues, in the winter of the Internet, websites are only thinking about "the cheapest technology", rather than "the best technology". This allows Robin Li to make two bold ideas: the launch of Baidu’s own website, try a new business model – ppc.

Robin Li’s idea was soon opposed by shareholders and colleagues. A lot of people like to keep the existing income, and do not want to have developed the customer suddenly become competitors. On the other hand, although Google did not enter China, but Baidu launched its own independent website is equivalent to the direct competition with the world’s best companies, which makes many people hesitate.

Baidu’s board of directors in a fierce discussion, but Robin Li up very firmly in the whole company to promote the two decision.

now recalls the process, Robin Li said that a shareholder had told him that it was Robin Li’s attitude rather than the theory of moving all the shareholders present. Robin Li also can not help but sigh, a lot of things inside the company can not only rely on reason, but also must demonstrate the determination of entrepreneurs.

PPC money sit a day to earn


it is reported that the price is a kind of PPC model, the cost is relatively low; the results appear in the search results in front of the position, easy to cause the user’s attention and click, so the effect is more significant.

despite the controversy, Baidu has also been in 09 years in December to switch to a new advertising system, phoenix nest, PPC model still plays an important role in the development process of Baidu.

Robin Li said about PPC, click through to the small and medium-sized enterprise money advertising model is like money sit is not affected by day and night. Although the early ranking of Baidu’s contribution to the auction price is not high, but the effect was gradually developed to show. According to Baidu 09 years a quarter of RMB 1 billion 200 million yuan, the price of a day to bring Baidu’s revenue on more than 10 billion.

Robin Li said later, when the size of Baidu users is growing, the search for more and more information, the original PPC model is too simple. Comprehensive consideration, Baidu launched the Phoenix nest". Compared to the competitive ranking, phoenix nest is a good solution to the general search results and search results ranking confusion confusion, and help enterprises effectively enhance the promotion effect.

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