YAHOO home page latest revision highlights popular search


YAHOO home page screenshot

Beijing time on May 27th morning news, according to foreign media reports, YAHOO is testing the revised home page, emphasizing news aggregation, application and popular search.

YAHOO is the latest revision of the home page in a certain user testing, although the revised home page and YAHOO’s current home looks somewhat similar, but with the March revision of some different plans. For example, YAHOO’s latest revision of the top right corner of the home page for a period of time the 10 most popular search. In YAHOO’s current home page, which is part of the bottom of the page, and YAHOO’s March revision plan does not include this part of the content.


latest revision home page on the left is no longer used instead of using the gray bar, white background, and allows the user to add more of their own love sites and services. The bar also includes the application, such as the YAHOO page design, allowing the user to view the eBay auction results.

YAHOO latest revision of the home page is not sure the launch time, but it is likely to be further tested.

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