Hao investment B2B supply chain network every day did the United States did not dare to do

news June 14th, every day to the billion state power network network president Lin Xiaofeng said, this year through the acquisition of shares or the sole agency for investment in overseas high-end beauty makeup brand, to build the supply chain to the beauty B2B, CS channels of domestic beauty electricity supplier platform and two or three lines in the City (the next line of beauty boutique shop) supply, is expected to achieve 8 hundred million revenue target at the end of the year.

why the United States do not dare to do


it is reported that the United States in the field of cosmetic electricity supplier, every day old network qualifications, its predecessor was established in 1999, every day shopping network, in 2008 has been fully transformed into the cosmetics business platform.

in the network every day early, rely on "website + directory" mode, and the beauty of community management, the rapid accumulation of a number of the original user, and then turned to beauty group purchase mode, the agency has access to AVON, OLAY and other more than and 400 brands. And in order to get L’OREAL, Procter & Gamble, Kose and other well-known brands of cosmetics brands in China, every day the network has been in the form of annual procurement agreement to reduce procurement costs.


every day, chairman of the network Ju

2011, Tencent’s QQ online shopping will be exclusive to the beauty category authorized to operate every day network, then the annual net sales of nearly 1 billion yuan. At that time, domestic jumei.com has just started.

2014, jumei.com was the rise in U.S. stocks listed and Jingdong, Tmall beauty beauty, let every net loss of innate advantages in resources, in the original brand agent under the support of network, cultivate its own brand every day. Show every network announced 2015 earnings report, the proportion of own brand has accounted for 11.4%.

in recent years, high-end beauty market has been a large platform to network segmentation, leaving every opportunity lies in the end of the international brands and domestic brands.

every day to the billion state power network network president Lin Xiaofeng said, do beauty B2B is actually doing Tmall, Jingdong, the United States did not dare to do, this is a heavy platform mode, pay more attention to GMV.

this year with the Jingdong to spend 10 billion yuan to the same self logistics. In the cosmetics market will exceed 400 billion yuan when the mouth, with the simple pursuit of the explosion, GMV, every day to control the network brand looks more value from the upstream. The network every day in the capital chain is more robust, it is reported that in the middle of last year, it was B round of over 80 million yuan of financing, including the fixed part of the total financing of more than $130 million.

billion state power network has learned, at present, in daily net revenue, 70%~80% revenue in Europe and the big, also 30%~40% revenues come from its own brands and domestic brands. But from the perspective of Maori, Europe and the United States big sales gross margin of less than 20%, while its own brand gross margin of 70%~80%.


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