From the general to fifast Wanda O2O dream is still in the test

[Abstract] Wan ibusiness start, fifast network quietly on the line, Wanda O2O dream continues.


Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on April 2nd

in the unsuccessful Wan ibusiness attempt after another, Wanda business platform "fifast network" and recently quietly launched the test, Wanda electricity supplier Transformation Road continues.

According to

fifast net official website information, the electricity supplier who fly by Wanda Group, Baidu Inc and Tencent Inc jointly funded the establishment of the mobile terminal and intelligent technology, re integration of Wanda Group under the line resources, to achieve online business and service integration, to create high-tech intelligent life O2O open the world’s largest electronic business platform.

According to the

fifast page information display, and other electronic business platform, where the network is not to fly as the city station basis, but in the Wanda Plaza for core radiation.

the latest news from March 31st, Wanda Commercial chairman Ding Benxi said publicly, in June 30th of this year, Wanda Commercial fifast online platform will be officially launched operation, to December 31st this year, some square all intelligent and online docking platform, realize the online parallel operation, implementation of O2O electronic commerce function.


billion gamble to fifast online line, Wanda O2O dream continues.

fast growing rich two generation

last August, Wanda announced joint Tencent, Baidu to build a platform for electronic business, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan, the proportion of the shareholding of the three were: 70%, 15%. Said the plan for the next 5 years, with a total investment of nearly $20 billion. The outside world to this new pushing the team nickname – "Teng million".

8 months after the electricity supplier platform, where to fly the network finally on-line trial operation, because the site is still in the test environment, so users can not be traded online. From the entire site where the net frame, the network is a basic version of Wanda plaza. Fifast ecommerce site navigation bar is divided into restaurants, department stores, shopping, movies, parenting, park, show, integral, and financial sector, basically covers the business scope of Wanda plaza. In this website, consumers can also get movies, dining, shopping, including supermarkets, leisure, family, and KTV, game player Park, show, tourism, hotel, home, finance, parking and other services.

fly where the network also launched a special mobile terminal APP, and this APP seems to be more reflected in the combination of online and offline. In this APP, consumers can achieve Wanda Plaza free internet access, store real-time navigation, automatic parking fees, restaurants, long-distance queuing, mobile payment and other functions. Once the network where the official operation of the fly, the national Wanda Plaza, can be achieved online and offline seamless connection.

also in March 31st Wanda Commercial real estate performance conference, Wanda Commercial Real Estate director and executive director >

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