Seven ways to increase the speed of traffic multiplier

as a webmaster, site of the first step is to think about how to make web page to do direct, beautiful and moving, not elaborated here, when the content of your site layout planning and design about the same time, you will have enough confidence to promote your web page. How to speed up the flow of the following methods are essential, some may not be very mainstream practice, but can play a multiplier role.

1 initiative to promote

to promote by EMAIL, BBS and some other means, if you see the chat room he went in to send several homepage information when you browse the Internet, see the message to do some publicity of this message to your home page, also can use some mass mailing software or into a large mailing list to publish your the homepage information (use e-mail group must pay attention to the language of civilization, otherwise it will have the opposite effect). Although these methods are time-consuming and laborious operation, but it is the most direct effect.

2 site speed

in the end is not belong to the category of the home page promotion is not to discuss, but the speed of the site will affect the views it is as sure as a gun, and even in some aspects, it can be said that traffic depends on the speed of the site, of course, this is only relative, imagine a few minutes to open a the page of the site how many visitors are willing to stay for a second? Even in the page is not completely open when it has lost patience, this means you lose the views one already is not easy to get. So, be sure to pay attention to the choice of free space, we must choose the fastest, of course, the speed of each place is not the same, you can take into account these factors through an investigation.



there is no doubt that the size of the site was visited by a large extent depends on the visitor’s favorites, how to let your web page to the browser’s favorites is a very worth your time to study the problem. The most common is to make your site more attractive to do better, also to use some Java pop-up window to remind viewers to join favorites, this method is equally effective.

4 using HTML language

this approach is for the search engine, the method is to open the home of the source file, in the "HEAD" and "/HEAD" into the code "HTTP-EQUIV=" CONTENT= "Keywords" 1, "2,",…… TEXT/HTML, CHARSET=gb2312 "content"; the back of the 1, 2, 3, are key words with the page related subject (of course, you can also choose some popular words, even if your home is not the content, so there is always cheat other people’s feelings, but no matter how to say, this is a good way to to promote home page). When some search engines work, if your keywords match search terms, you

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