A5 financing briefing mperial charter ENDOR online two more networks were billion yuan financing


: Ali cloud investment lead investor, venture capital, steel panmao Zizhu seedlings with investment funds

investment amount: 10 million

enterprise proprietary cloud, hybrid cloud service provider ZStack announced by Ali cloud led, steel panmao venture, Zi Zhu young fund with the investment of tens of millions of yuan A round of investment, and the introduction of hybrid cloud strategy in public cloud as the center, the future will distribute IaaS to the enterprise software warehouse based on deployment evolution.


2 multi online


investment amount: two hundred million

recently, more than two hundred million online A round of financing, investors did not disclose. The ENDOR positioning service in " ", three; through real, transparent and efficient online operation, convenient operation and high quality service, the demand for small loans to integrate platform borrowers and lenders, to create value for both parties to solve the agricultural financial pain point problem.


3 green orange technology

Investment: Chunxiao capital lead investor, left over investment capital with

investment amount: 10 million yuan

fitness industry SaaS service provider green orange technology announced from the Chunxiao capital lead investor, left over capital investments with tens of millions of dollars A+ round of financing, capital controls will be left as exclusive financial advisor. After this round of financing, green orange will be further optimized the fitness industry, integration of the fitness industry chain resources.


4 imperial charter

Investment: Jingwei, Tak Kwong investment led, harmonious capital, investment capital with Xiao light

investment amount: 210 million yuan

provides Chinese chartered travel services crown chartered announced the acquisition of 210 million yuan B+ round of financing, the current round of financing led by latitude and longitude, GF Sindh, harmonious capital and A round of investment capital with shareholders Xiao light, the current financing has been the arrival of all.


5 two more network

Investment: Jing Yuan capital investment area, Qianhai, Tak investment capital with


investment amount: 150 million yuan

two is a network of new media video providers, covering two more video, two more canteens and other topics related to the humanities, art and fashion, life and all aspects of food. Recently, two more network received 150 million yuan B round of financing, capital investment led by Yuan Jing, Qianhai, Tak Ethernet capital with the cast, the original shareholders capital, real growth fund and the cornerstone of East rich sea with all the additional investment. Ethernet capital as exclusive financial advisor.


6 thousand front education

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