How to make use of e books to create nternet brand

said the use of viral e-book fame, Yan Wing I should be a practitioner.

before he had written a famous network e-books, called "network expert" in the book made in 1, systematically introduces some common methods of how to build brand expert on the Internet through their own efforts.

will own this book as a "first China system tells how to build the network celebrity ebook" from scratch, it should be said is well deserved, although the content is not profound, but very practical.

you see now, I write these Hin wing, will also be gathered in a book called "Internet viral fame".

why do you want me to write an ebook?

there are so many advantages of writing an ebook.

on the benefits of e-books, wing I need to focus on, because all things, we only know that it brings us benefits, we will be more willing to adhere to the end.

write e-books at least as follows:

1, to build an expert image

this is a winner takes all time. So what kind of person can be a winner in a certain field?". Experts throughout the world in various fields, have a common feature, that is "write a book", in the eyes of ordinary people, can a person is not a celebrity expert. When you write quality e-books and spread, you will draw on the equal sign and expert.

2, build a sense of trust

no matter where you are, the ultimate goal is to clinch a deal. To reach a deal, the premise is the need to establish a sense of trust. There are many ways to build a sense of trust, and e-books are one of them. We only need to ensure that the quality of their written books, let the reader see you writing sincerity, plus books show your professional image, so natural to build a sense of Lai letter.

3, the establishment of the ideological system

look at our ancient people, Confucius, Meng Zi, Lao Tzu, grandson, they can be called "everyone", one of the most important thing is that they have a heritage of the ideological system. We look at some of the masters now, Liu Keya, Wang Tong, Wang Zijie and so on, they are cattle, in addition to their rich experience in actual combat skills, they also worship the "ideology", and their "ideological system" is established, books play an important role.

4, achieve viral

you know, when your ebook Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together., to create "enough, attractive" value for the target population in the target population, the circle is very easy to generate word-of-mouth effect, realize the disease.

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