Website promotion examples Beauty official Shuer reputation is how to create it

website promotion is always the webmaster most attention, today I took a vivid example of the simple analysis (old master bypass, just to do other), this example is: to create a reputation on


beauty can always attract attention, in the network recently, online shopping — "official Shuer Reds" shopping network in the circle of a small storm. Let us look at a few key words: Officer Shuer beauty, 80, woman, female webmaster, online shopping Master, Taobao partner…… Yes, this is the official Shuer.

as the official Shuer in just a short time before Taobao, the popular online shopping, we first take a look at the official Shuer profile: 83 years, Virgo, accounting graduate, after graduation and parents revolt, refused to enter the organs and institutions, and sister shop, and later set up shop in, finally founded 2717 mall and the formation of Taobao store alliance. Specifically for Internet users to provide online shopping guide service.


to a simple analysis of a Shuer officer reputation is how to create it, believe that for the novice webmaster how to plan their own website reputation to help and tips:

1, beauty factor:

had to admit that, now beauty effect in the network is around the world, I have only seen the official Shuer photos, is indeed a beauty, one of my friends, I have seen Shuer editor, who interviewed her, laughing back told me that the photograph is more attractive, her temperament.

2, personality factors:

can not say that online beauty of the many, but really can attract public attention, not much, officer was able to Shuer talent shows itself inseparable from her character, and relationship.

, Shuer cheerful, confident, lively and there is no lack of calm, also appearing a stubborn, from this point she refused to direct assignment after graduation to the authorities on visible clues. Have a bold, capable character girl, believe what will be successful.

3 friends:


is a character of the girl, certainly does not lack friends, on, officer Shuer can quickly change red is a group of lovely manager support of friends, this is the official Shuer to establish 2717 mall, foundation and the formation of Taobao store alliance.

not only that, the support also highlights the official Shuer popularity in a Taobao sector forum, Shuer officer posts can reach tens of thousands of hits, countless replies. This is the webmaster as we dream of personal charm!

4, still mysterious:

Guan Shuer, although the fire for nearly a year, but for her online and not a lot of hearsay, the most is her 2717 mall news. This is why many small groups are looking for news about her private life, in the hope that the online shopping circle

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