Orange homes talk about alternative promotion methods to be careful

has been the promotion of forum is a question of a commonplace talk of an old scholar at the beginning, many administrators have a headache in the forum is not popular, because of the lack of popularity also have rich content, not always rely on acquisition to dawdle? But the acquisition now is not a clear choice. So in stationmaster net read a lot about forum for the promotion of the article, although it has been a long time before this, but as a reference for learning is very useful, the following summary for everyone: according to the observation of the orange home, this theory and the phenomenon is worth pondering the webmaster, so I hope you do for the study, summed up the experience of more and better


1, forum material: the use of the hottest events to create the most popular topic!

forum needs to have good content to attract users, in order to retain the user, so we need some hot topics, intuitive display to the user. So it is necessary to understand what is the most popular topic, what time the best, can attract the attention of users. For example, some time ago, 2010 Louis Liu magic secret is a very hot news.

if you can not judge what is the hottest topic of the Internet, then the following to introduce several popular channels to get the topic

1, with reference to Baidu, YAHOO, Sogou keywords ranking. The most popular news, at a glance.

2, every day to the major portals, such as Sina, Sohu, NetEase headlines, are the latest and most popular topic.

3, pay attention to the popular video website click list, which is the most intuitive Internet users to pay attention to the topic. If there are a number of contacts of the webmaster, you can try to create a small range of topics in their own hype, but also to achieve good results (such as the "bad money"). .

two, the edge ball content to attract users

shisexingye, appetite and sexual desire are the human nature, in short, now the network is full of edge ball, as a new forum in order to attract users, we can do some articles in this regard.

we can find some edge content placed on a plate of the forum, such as "energy-saving" and "armed" posts.

here is also home to the orange on a reminder, this kind of adult edge ball, must not be too exposed, it is best to some of the stars, celebrity tidbits, such as: KAPPA female video, Shuyao Guo world " chest " such content, because the content can give people a strong appeal in addition, it is the relationship between celebrities and stars, star effect, whether men and women are not lewd lust, see this title, driven by curiosity, can not help but come to see. If the content is too exposed, will certainly be crab off, now in the rectification of the environment, the site will be directly closed, don’t avoid! "

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