Stationmaster net broadcast how old net popular another big wave website is sealed

1 engaged in network extortion, paid delete posts: there is a big wave of the site was blocked by the letter  

after the last wave of 31 sites, the network letter office yesterday announced that there are 40 suspected of engaging in network extortion, paid delete posts and other illegal activities of the site was closed.

it is reported that the 40 sites were closed according to law are:

"China Information Port", "the network of public relations network", "Shanghai famous enterprises network delete posts, delete posts Jincheng net", "21 headlines network," martial arts "," Shandong broadcast network "," Shanghai crisis management "," network information delete technology center "" taste "," farmer hotline network "," brand maintenance network "," network known public relations "," professional delete posts net "," smart network public relations "," network image maintenance network "," enterprise dimensional network public relations "," crisis delete network "," easy company "," Li Shan network "," network network delete posts net "and" Zibo century "and" Beijing Fullink network delete posts "," Ke Le century "," record of the network platform, "delete" Meiya network public relations "and" baccarat "," Beijing Haotian alliance"," The network "and" chuangying network public relations network "," 120 public relations "," golden technology delete network "," the imagination of the network of public relations "," excellent cat delete network "," Beijing speed clear brand maintenance "," Jin Technology "," speed seconds to maintain the brand "," great network delete "and" delta is media network company "," network public relations crisis assistance center".

2 National Network Information Office announced the news unit for the site to reprint news list  

in order to strengthen the online news sources of information management, network reprint order, on the basis of "Internet information services management approach", "Internet news information service management regulations", the national network information office to develop and publish news units available for web news list.

3 Internet era, a picture can make much business? The answer may be 30 billion  

what business can a picture make? The answer may be 30 billion.

2014 Vision China group in Shenzhen A shares listed on the main board, and now the market value of about 30 billion floating. The company is rarely mentioned, but almost all of China’s Web sites, magazines, newspapers, picture suppliers.

public information, visual Chinese has the largest visual content of Internet copyright trading platform, with more than 14000 photographers, illustrators, designers and other creative visual contributor, and Getty Images, Agence France-Presse, BBC, National Geographic and other 240 well-known global suppliers of long-term cooperation. Not only that, Chinese vision for CCTV, people’s daily, Sina, Tencent, Iqiyi and other 4500 media users to provide long-term high-quality visual content, and 10500 commercial customers.

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