Hot spots are here Baidu released 20 thousand and 160 hot search list this year is the hottest it

the morning of December 2nd, Baidu released the 2016 annual report of the search, including "the annual hot search list", "annual entertainment list" and "annual phenomenon list" three big list, brought together the Chinese people in 2016 of this year’s hottest hot search, right here.


each parent list contains several sub list, such as "ten international events", "ten words", "ten pandemic", "ten focus", "ten big crowd", "ten social expression", a total of 26.

it is understood that the integration of the 1 billion 600 million list of Baidu boiling point in January to November this year, a number of products using Baidu ranking, Baidu information flow, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu, Baidu, Baidu music mobile phone assistant, Baidu mobile phone input method and other basic data, showing in the past year, and the vast majority of Internet users in 2016 the passions of Chinese people.

in the ten major events in science and technology, virtual reality (VR) to the mainstream topped the list, followed by the first human to detect gravitational waves, AlphaGo Li Shishi, the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft launch, unmanned vehicles, gene sequencing, Baidu brain, PowerEgg shock release UAV, bitcoin impact 2016’s high, a humanoid robot Altas.

It is worth mentioning that

, blue thin letinous edodes became the first of the ten major buzzwords of the year. Song Zhongji, Baoqiang Wang, Papi sauce, Zhang Jike, and so became the ten focus of the figure of the people of the world, such as.

below for detailed list:



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