Domestic class Pinterest site was the recent flow of electricity providers fell

Pinterest (image and vision of social sharing site) and brought up Chinese popular beauty said, trends, more than and 30 imitators blossom everywhere. But unlike the originator of positioning, most China Pinterest websites are dependent on the electricity supplier, more than 90% share of goods from business platform. Electric fire, also let these Pinterest sites seems promising.

but resigned only commodity business platform provider, reporter recently found that business enterprise own sharing site in the construction of shopping guide, which is independent Pinterest site traffic by up to 30%, as a way to help themselves and even sold to Jixun, Internet giant. However, analysts said, even the giant get funded, Pinterest Chinese imitator if not as soon as possible to get rid of dependence on electronic business platform, will rapidly decline nanzu.

Pinterest of Waterloo suffered

nearly three months PV decreased by 23.9%

to understand the current situation of Chinese class Pinterest site, the reporter tried to obtain data from the domestic third party consulting agencies to analyze data, but the results are not ideal.

"we have stopped data study on this website, from the Pinterest website, we only had two research reports, and these two are also in the study of social business when take a few words of this kind of website analysis, only a number of registered users, according to the relevant." who is to say.

reporter then visited the Alexa website ranking. Nearly three months, the United States said that the average ranking of the top 926, down by 263; average ranking also fell by 370, currently only about 1450. Another insider revealed that nearly three months of PV traffic fell as high as $23.95%, said the beauty of nearly three months of PV growth of only $5.95%. The same period last year, the average monthly growth of 50% sites were more than PV.

and the user’s enthusiasm for such sites also reduced a lot. Online shopping often Miss Wang complained to reporters, "the recent sudden of is not interested in, feel the share of goods are about the same, do not update the update seems to have nothing changes, see the website before is full of surprises, it is difficult to have the feeling of surprise".

reporter from the four Taobao owner Zhang Ze (a pseudonym) was informed, "from the beginning of May this year, said the beautiful do promotion, whether you buy my stuff, as long as you are beautiful or to share my goods are included, each item I give him 50 yuan, after I sent the promotion on want, start every day at least 5 people to ask, in a period of time basically a day has one or two people to ask, just know, doesn’t really help me, everyone seems to share the aesthetic fatigue".

in fact, there is still a class Pinterest web site, but

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