Since the advent of the media Nuggets era are you ready

a few days ago and a friend of immigration to the United States to chat, do not know who the head, he unintentionally said, in the United States, there is a eight or nine year old boy was quite famous, young age years into millions of dollars.

at first I thought the boy was a little meat, what the child star of Hollywood.

fine understanding, only to know that this fart is a big point in the form of the use of video to the same age children introduce toys or games like. His father is responsible for shooting video, the little guy is responsible for the same age if the child to play with this toy or game machine, comment on the fun and so on. Then his father uploaded the video to Youtube. Because the form is novel, each video has millions of viewers to watch every year, light is toy manufacturers advertising fees as high as $1 million 300 thousand.

now is not popular, taste tester, sleep tester, test film, travel experience division


well, the child is not the "demo"



surprised, I found that the child’s success model is actually a product from the media age.

he and his father by running Youtube from the media, to create a self star children’s toys industry, has become a star, in this field, will naturally have their own influence and appeal, so get the toy manufacturers advertising fees, sponsorship fees, is a very natural thing.

today to talk about from the media, because I found that a lot of friends will feel from the media, from the stars for themselves, too far away. Actually otherwise.

if you are in the traditional sense that "grassroots" "grass root", no resources, but this will not affect you from the media by become a star.

now, a variety of network platforms, so that almost everyone has become a self media. We can through QQ, WeChat, micro-blog, video and other ways to affect the people in our life circle. So everyone has the same opportunity to use the media platform to profit.

as the case of the little boy and his father, they are actually ordinary people, but they create their own media platform, also become a star.

so he can, then, as long as you copy his behavior, you can also. I don’t need to improperly belittle oneself.

key 1: who is your target group?

the bear child’s target group is the children of his age and their parents.

The original "hit"

"mung bean expert Zhang Wuben, his target group is those who want health, keen on health in the elderly.

food writing humanities, her target group

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