How to really understand the user needs of the site three 24~35 age user analysis

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is talked about from such a group of people from the ages of 24~35 years old, this group will come from the popular significance, which belongs to the network the most love, a group of potential consumers is also the most prone to direct economic benefits.

usually to such an age, basically have a stable job, and stable work can bring stable and increased income, and because of age is not large, such a group of people, can accept all kinds of new consumption patterns brought by the network in a broad sense than other ages the audience.

referred to the concept of network consumption, had to interrupt the focus on. From the beginning of the establishment of the network, because of its high degree of freedom is known for more time in network based on the creative forms, from a personal web page, just a dozen years of development has become the industry: portal station, station, electronic commerce, personal website and so on many kinds of forms, and consumption patterns that is similar to Alipay’s intermediary payment platform, mobile phone consumption platform, virtual currency consumption and so on, it is too busy to attend to all kinds.

many species also brought a very complicated problem: consumers are not actually human adaptability, is a highly adapt to the environment of the animal, as long as one person for a long time at a relatively quiet environment in life, in the course of time will form this environment highly dependent, thus we often say loyalty.

such an interpretation can be a very good description of a common problem encountered in many web site operators to promote their website: why my website function than A pages do stand strong, than the A station A station is just beautiful, I am more than a year, but no matter what. How can A station users completely transferred to your own web site, and even some of the original A station users to choose the station, still used between two ships, it is difficult to form a strong dependence on the website.

is simple, is a kind of dependence on the original environment, familiar with the interface, familiar with the site culture, cordial discussion atmosphere, and met the moderators and friends, these are formed on the original site of strong sense of dependence.

but by a model can quickly copy the original site environment and atmosphere: away the original moderator team and the main post, the cultural structure that can change the original site in a short period of time, making a large number of new users and web followers can’t adapt to this change, and thus destroy the long established website of cultural atmosphere.

this is why Xiamen fish forum shortly before the publication of the main downtown collective home after the network circles, especially the site operation especially the cause of concern, because of the large, intact, mature of the team collective home, resulting in an almost overnight popularity and fish forum, completely similar style of the forum, such behavior is said to have had a heavy blow to the original forum.

but even so, most of the fish forum users still stay in the foundation

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