Customer in marketing marketing to

aged believes that his once a year from how much sales to determine the need to do much of the type of merchandise, very wrong. In this conference, he said, at present, when users want to buy Shirts, T-shirt can remember every guest, he felt enough.


"last spring I was so upset that I only wanted to do subtraction." In April 1st where the spring and summer T-shirt conference, the old station at two or three meters high in front of the big screen, in front of thousands of spectators said.

at the end of 2013, the number of employees from where customers are starting to shrink, once at the most 13 thousand people, finally reduced to only 300 people. Where the goods at the peak of more than 190 thousand, while in the conference on April Fool’s day, old actually talk about two categories of goods: plain T-shirt and t-shirt.

1, manufacturing topic marketing capabilities where the customer has become one of the fastest China electricity supplier industry company

in China’s Internet industry, always look back on some wonderful. We used to be one of the fastest growing companies Chinese electricity supplier industry. In an Internet Industry Conference on 2011, Chen said, every guest to list in the current $about 6000000000 valuation, is not responsible for investor. He estimates where the valuation will reach $15 billion. An electricity supplier industry was evaluated, the few years old, is a big brother ".

from a business model perspective, in the electricity supplier industry, where customers as brand manufacturers, is supposed to be a unique premium and difficult to be replaced, it is difficult to die, than those who only as a sales channel, it is easy to be out of the market Jingdong and Tmall’s website is much better. But in the real world, where the customer is rapidly collapsed.

The rise of

where the customer should be the most rely on its marketing ability of manufacturing topics. "VANCL style" and "spring wusuowei" advertising, and widely spread brought along with micro-blog this popular social network, make every guest’s name and a sales surge.


Said the head of the Chen Chi

once every guest down jacket and other products in 2011, where guests the greatest feeling is that "how the goods sold out so quickly?"

2, however, light marketing, but do not understand the strategy, do not understand the product

vintage in these marketing programs, played an important role. But compared to his marketing ability, age is not a good strategy; and in the fashion industry, he is not a good product manager.

is a rare old company willing to openly and frequently reflect the founder. The winter of 2011, from where the excessive inventory, capital chain tension rumors, Chen had publicly said the problem is where the reflection of "high, flighty and impetuous, arrogant grassroots corruption" led to the category expansion too fast, the risk is difficult.

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