Li Linkai on promotion of actual combat experience feelings

is now engaged in network promotion work is really make painstaking efforts, every day is the miserable work pile up like a mountain hand oppression. This does not, in this I will for this job experience, write down their feelings: "get up earlier than chicken, sleep later than cats, eat the food, dry cattle live". Why? Please carefully consider a brother with you.

1, the network has been widely used in recent years in China, which led to the majority of the company’s online marketing awareness is weak, they always want to get the maximum return with minimum investment. You know, this network promotion as we talk about the boys like to remember the object, three points seven points: tight, loose, and then into the collapse, is anxious eat hot tofu.

2, the effect is to work in the process of quantitative change to qualitative change. To the site to do the optimization of the friends should be deep experience, good results are always proportional to our pay. Is the so-called easy siege defenders difficult, even if we have superhuman powers, even though we are a match for ten thousand warriors, even if we have the ability to strike hard things, but also enemy but people’s focus. So, we extend the work in only a day at work hard, like to pay in order to keep the perspiration comes down like raindrops, it not easily won the fruits.

3, creative work to make our brain high load operation, we suffer from insomnia and physical health of the direct invisible killer. With the continuous improvement of the marketing value of soft Wen, more and more people into the soft writing, so I began to delve into the soft writing. Although the soft this is my engaged in network promotion work in the development of weakness, but I have to cater to the trend, or Out. Needless to say, as a qualified webmaster, soft writing is to master. Here, I suggest that we have time to go to a number of soft Wen forum for communication, after all, creativity is always in resonance in the germination.

finally, wish all the colleagues engaged in network promotion, work smoothly, everything goes well! Mike: the original text Forum feeds, reproduced please retain the copyright.

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