The problem of human nature tells me that the nternet free era is coming to an end

recently work relatively tight, and the work plan has been lined up early next year, the two day he experienced some things, although I don’t care, but through this little thing, I see some human problems, so today and we chat the human network training in the industry.

refers to this kind of problem is not the network training, but training, although is essentially the problem of human nature, but I have thought everyone reading this a lot of people think I’m this article wants to vent, how do you understand I can’t, but I just want to say to myself say these words, there is no right or wrong, only the approval and disapproval of two results.

mouth to say no, the body is very honest

said the first thing, yesterday afternoon, a friend of a consulting me about my pay service, as to what kind of service I will not say, so some people say that I do advertising, pay after consulting and trust me, and I will be the passage of the screenshot with the text issued a dynamic circle of friends.


friends do not know too much, the message said: "your PS is very good, where did you learn?" it’s obviously provocative, originally I didn’t want to talk to him first, I never fake chats, my attention should also know that I rarely send some customers and chats, and when the customer wants to buy a paid service, I won’t let him impulse but soothe his deal, one must consider carefully, understand, I do not want to pay after the occurrence of disputes on the rights and interests, and I know I can provide service and you say you know think you can accept the unacceptable pay, do not pay. Secondly, in QQ I generally do not reply to this meaningless message, but this is for WeChat, the message and I are friends with each other.

for this kind of people I wonder, as if they were voluntarily raped, don’t say, body is very honest, I could not understand why I should pay attention to not only pay attention to WeChat? My public number, but also with my friends, and then to spray me? I asked the friend. "Even if I give you the chat client QQ number, you will suspect that QQ is my own trumpet, right?" he said firmly: "yes." In fact, all of us can think of, so I pay in all of my services in general will be a little: do not understand, do not trust the extraordinary degree of people do not need to consult.

that’s the truth, and the one who doubts you will always suspect that the one who believes in you will always trust. You are suspected of suspected from the beginning of the first pay attitude, he paid the purpose is not to learn, but to find fault with you, and then get what he wants, but had to apply for a refund, it is this attitude of the people I generally do not accept, although I can do my commitment things.

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