The nner Mongolia Autonomous Region’s first ten excellent site selection activities launched

to promote the healthy development of the Internet, strengthen the network culture construction, promote the "civilized, civilized" and "sunshine green network project" activities, by the Inner Mongolia Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Inner Mongolia communications administration, Inner Mongolia Internet Association jointly launched Inner Mongolia’s first ten excellent site selection activities recently started.

it is understood that the event is divided into recommended sites, voting, jury selection of three stages. Where compliance with the relevant laws of the state

law regulations and relevant provisions on the administration of Internet information services civilization network; the Inner Mongolia communications authority for the record, and on the site at the bottom of the page to mark record information, and record information through the annual audit; website is rich in content and style of health and people loved, has a greater influence on other conditions, the registration record in my area all kinds of websites to participate in the selection.

in the selection process, the organizers will release relevant information through the Internet, mobile phone text messages, news media and other channels, to encourage the site sponsors, users, telecom operators, the Union City network management department to participate in the contest, the selection of outstanding website. Awards are divided into three categories: that is, the first Inner Mongolia top ten outstanding sites, the Inner Mongolia regional characteristics of the site, the 3 Inner Mongolia industry characteristics of the site". At the same time, will also elect 20 outstanding participants selected outstanding website.


                                                        Inner Mongolia’s first station opened SNS platform

                                                      Inner Mongolia forum through the wind storm rain


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