Network letter office shut down 32 illegal websites are involved in network extortion and paid delet

in March 4th, the state Internet Information Office announced recently shut down in accordance with the law "and" net "spot trading rights" and other 32 sites list. This is the national network information office, the Ministry of public security, press and Publication Administration jointly launched the "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification work, the competent department according to the masses of the first batch of illegal websites shut down.


shut down 32 websites are "vegetable net", "spot trading rights", "94 news", "China wedding photography", "business information network", "the other side", "112 military network", "Sun Yi", "beautiful women net", "57 nets", "holiday arrangements", "energy-saving" and "thunder military network", "Kashi River", "sent", "happy train network", "delete draft" and "Tianjin taxi network", "military CEO network", "888 hele customer service website", "company", "information network", "Fujian health network", "Suzhou information network", "Jiang Hong forging machinery", "polite network", "urban community forum first" and "winning network", "Anhui life net", "Hefei information network" "Fair net", "people’s livelihood".

according to the National Network Information Office of the relevant person in charge, the 32 sites were there are different degrees of network extortion and delete posts paid "special rectification work in some need to focus on governance illegal plot, mainly in: some fails to perform registration procedures, a large number of published false news; some negative information communication. Blackmail companies and individuals; some in the name of advertising, cooperation fees, sponsorship fees, by providing service for property owners in disguise; some in the name of the network rights, supervision, muckraking, set up illegal websites, collect negative information by posting, delete posts for property; some fraudulent use of fake websites on behalf of the party and government organs, the implementation of network delete posts extortion and paid.

the responsible person told the reporter that the closure of 32 illegal websites, only "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification "preliminary results". Next, with the deepening of the special rectification, will continue to conduct a careful examination of the relevant clues, and resolutely shut down illegal websites and social media accounts, batch in a timely manner to the public, the formation of normalization mechanism. It is understood that the site was closed in the alleged illegal clues have been transferred to public security organs for investigation.

the responsible person stressed that the masses of the positive report for the special rectification of the depth and achieve the desired results, has a vital role. Since carrying out special rectification, the social report actively, many important clues were reported, the relevant departments are effective clues to report one by one seriously investigated, it can be said that the report gave a strong impetus to carry out special rectification work. National Network Information Office warmly welcomes the community to continue to report, will give the highest reward of 50 thousand yuan for meritorious personnel, and strictly protect whistleblowers privacy and rights, effectively eliminate whistleblowers to do for "menace from the rear.

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