How to write a good article

with the updated Baidu algorithm constantly, Baidu’s recent moves frequently, and Smith, is to engage in pomegranate, bitter stationmaster puzzled, in fact, Baidu? Is the changes in the algorithm, the only reason among them, as long as we hold a webmaster, original articles updated every day and do more conducive to the user experience of things, site traffic will slowly up, pull a little far, today I have to share all the "how to stand in the user’s point of view" article written medical station, help patients solve their problem need to be solved, this is the king.

before you start thinking about the following:

1 what would you like to know if you are a patient

2 as an editor I can tell the patient what?

3 how can I make the best information about the hospital?

a medical article title

first you must first write to the title of the article, the article also called general hospital reputation of medical articles, the title of the article is in the form of questions to write (because the patient is holding all kinds of questions of search related diseases)

title of the phrase has been a few

1 hospital brand word 2 regional industry word 3 disease word 3 treatment word 4 technical words

Brand name

word of the hospital, the network to establish brand word roots need high exposure through the media, and the third party platform, let everyone remember to guide the patient unconscious, search, improve the corresponding conversion rate.

regional industry words: geographical + hospital + question word

disease words: cervical disease painless vaginitis

treatment words: how to treat, how to treat

technical words: what is a three mirror a silk mirror treatment of those gynecological diseases?

two, article types include:

brand article: introduction of hospital brand strength expert technical articles. Diseases of the article: the introduction of the relevant knowledge of the etiology of Pathology, treatment, harm, symptoms, case studies. Industry articles: by showing the advantages of the hospital itself, the use of industry phrases. The case by case of the rehabilitation medical treatment process after the cure of bitterness and joy.

three, there are several medical articles written:

1, according to the title to write the title "Yulin disease such as women suffering from infertility should be how to treat?" in the title of a regional disease treatment and then combined with some symptoms, causes, harm treatment technology to write some problems with writing.

: as the pace of life speeds up, women play a more and more important role in society

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