The line is 100 is not 0 Durex with event marketing in the end how to also headlines

through the recent Spartan marketing event, CEO and micro-blog V, micro-blog disputes, and new media marketing to highlight the essence of marketing is not a fancy, but the quality of the product itself. I believe you will have a fresh feeling after reading.

recently, a lot of hot events. Followed by the major brands of new media marketing, it is called an overwhelming. With some, shine, as in "another planet" event marketing, Benz flashed you there, see the star "; some don’t, as in" Sanlitun UNIQLO "event marketing, Durex is not directly with the headlines! Come with marketing events, what with those things? Children here on our national emblem teacher came to tell us about the new media event marketing


1, social marketing: line is 100, is not the line, cruel, but also true!

last month, a dessert shop in Beijing invited dozens of foreign men playing Spartan warriors Street commercial activities, the impact on the surrounding order. Police discourage invalid, take measures to restore the order of the scene. The 300 warriors out of the accident at least worth a few million, a very ordinary LOW marketing instantly exploded, almost to meet the planning of all the results of the event marketing fantasy. I plan to have no way to do better, I can no way ahead of time and the police were in cahoots together, also not stupid to deliberately plan ahead of time to avoid them, is the life ah, pie in the sky, not so much with the plan.

August 4th, CEO and micro-blog V Ian Chen Ou staged tear forced wars. "This event even who wins can not be said, can only say that is a very boring topic, old-fashioned speculation: the logical operation of old-fashioned, tear force when it were very polite, the most critical is the two party figures has been, how could the fire? Netizens for tolerance red net gas even more than the new hand piece is even lower, but not early picked clean Chen ou. Their biggest mistake is to netizens now as two years ago, netizens think people, if not love you, at least to scold you, even if there is no reputation, at least to the point of exposure. But it’s not at all – it’s nothing…… Two of his HIGH for a long time, to spend money and do the list and the last, in addition to several spread peers also helps with the complex complex, netizens who remember the things


this is a true portrayal of social marketing is increasingly mature, the line is 100, 0 is not, it is true, is also very cruel ", the teacher summed up to the national emblem.

Chen Ou micro-blog

war of words


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2 your brand and you want to use the event is not half dime? Where did you go back and forth



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