Small and medium businesses need to take the traditional network marketing precision

network marketing in recent years in China’s rapid development, emerge in an endless stream a variety of marketing methods, some large, the strength of traditional enterprises have embarked on the network, the network marketing of the road construction site, engage in the promotion, tens of thousands or even hundreds of marketing funds every year there are many enterprises in the network marketing, which makes itself a powerful enterprise a tiger with wings added the brand effect is, publicity, sales channels are more widely.

I am a network marketing services company responsible person, according to the company’s customer analysis, found that the majority of customers promotion, is somewhat the size of traditional enterprises, production enterprises, a sales agent of large machinery enterprises, there are training institutions, in contrast, small and medium sized businesses less, such as some wedding photography shop, maternal and child supplies franchise stores, moving companies, domestic service center limited regional strong businesses.

in order to expand the business, I visited an ever do network marketing of maternal and child supplies store, and the store owner after communication, learned that small and medium-sized businesses less do network marketing, there are three main reasons:

1: the cost is relatively high

do network marketing, often allow businesses to build a website, buy a domain name, buy space, do maintenance costs are required, the most important is the promotion expenses, after the site built, is not a small sum of money, used to be a traditional retail businesses, try not to consider simple after good, so pulled out.

2: promotion effect is not obvious

this is a problem key, after doing business promotion, can only bear some of the costs, less so, the effect is not very clear, not accurate, according to the store owner said he hoped every advertising costs are spent wisely, can play a the effect, because they are small, less money.

3: no authoritative certification of the third party

small and medium businesses do network promotion, but there is no authoritative third party certification body, the customer is often not particularly trust, so the purchase rate is relatively low.

however, from the angle of customer intentions, I still think that they should find the network marketing for small businesses, the demand for small and medium sized businesses, pay attention to the latest developments in network marketing recently, found two products, since that is more suitable for small and medium-sized businesses marketing, a classification of information network that business can publish their own information on the website, you can navigate to your area, users search for information, you can easily find businesses, relatively accurate positioning, the cost is low.

is another Baidu recently launched Baidu e-commerce platform for life, but also to help businesses locate the precise customer service platform. After in-depth study, I found that he has several characteristics:

1: budget and marketing mode of control, which is the most important, just in line with the small business to promote the cost of

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